A Positive Approach to Discipline

A Positive Approach to Discipline
          Theory-based, experience-tested, effective methods of positive discipline
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Effective classroom management is key. With all the buzzwords and acronyms being touted as the "next big thing" in education, we must remember that a unified approach is essential if we truly wish to leave no child behind.

Every school is different; there's no "one size fits all" approach. Rather than teaching "tricks" or providing a homogenized script for success, I provide the framework and motivation to help your teachers work together - using a combination of methods they may already be using - to create a personalized and proactive program.
Programs are on a limited budget. Since we can't exclusively hire accredited staff, it is a challenge to acquire those who have the experience to manage behavior effectively. We must instead provide guidance on how to approach potential discipline problems.

Additionally, your staff is diverse in their experience and methods, leaving children with inconsistent expectations for behavior. It is preferable to create a unified and proactive approach to discipline, so that children know what is expected of them at all times.
Foster a team atmosphere. Some of your staff have been coaching or teaching for years; others have minimal experience. This can leave some campers lacking confident leadership.

A consistent approach for all staff will fulfill your training needs. Everyone benefits from the solidarity of a unified staff, and your certified teachers will receive one professional development hour to be used for their annual Professional Development Plan.

In my workshops, you will learn strategies that can be implemented immediately in your program, your classroom, and your home to decrease misbehavior and create a positive atmosphere for everyone.

My Goal is to help your entire staff:

  • Draw on their personal experiences to create good rules for maintaining order
  • Employ a unified stance toward disciplining positively
  • Create a plan for addressing behavior problems before they occur
By the end of the workshop, your staff will be able to:
  • Identify the causes of misbehavior
  • Create rules without loopholes
  • Manage the misbehavior that still may occur in a positive manner

Geoff speaking with other counselors at the Tall Pines Day Camp