A Positive Approach to Discipline

A Positive Approach to Discipline
          Theory-based, experience-tested, effective methods of positive discipline
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About the Presenter

Geoffrey Gollihur started his teaching career as lead teacher for the "alternate program" within Galloway Township Middle School. While working closely with students with social and behavioral issues — students who were otherwise not achieving in school — he successfully adapted his understanding of positive behavioral techniques to create a comfortable and successful classroom atmosphere. This early experience inspired him to continue to use and evolve the systems he created when he moved on to other environments.

Since 2001, Geoff has taught sixth-grade math and language arts at Hammonton Middle School in Hammonton NJ, where he was named Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year in 2002. He has been a senior counselor at Tall Pines Day Camp since 1996, and has been a teacher with the AtlantiCare New Jersey After 3 program in Hammonton since 2005. Geoff was a finalist for the NJ After 3 Outstanding Youth Development Staff Award in 2007.

In 2006, Geoff's Site Coordinator recognized the success he was having with his techniques, and she asked him to create an internal workshop to help unify the staff's disciplinary procedures. He had also recently begun managing the new staff training sessions at Tall Pines. With many leading roles to his credit, Geoff has long enjoyed "taking the stage" in local and school theater productions; as such, he has always been comfortable speaking in front of a crowd — and it shows in how he engages his audience with both humor and his obvious passion for the subject matter.

His original workshop was a success, and he decided that he could share his experience motivating young people to behave appropriately with teachers, camp counselors, and childcare workers in other communities. He has since presented his workshop, "A Positive Approach to Discipline," at regional conferences and conventions, camps, aftercare programs, and schools throughout the region.

Geoff earned his degrees from Rowan University, a known leader in teacher education for nearly 100 years. Geoff and his wife Aimee reside in Hammonton, NJ with their four children.