A Positive Approach to Discipline

A Positive Approach to Discipline
          Theory-based, experience-tested, effective methods of positive discipline
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These comments and references are from recent workshop attendees. I thank them for their kind words (and their permission to reprint them).

"My staff was really impressed with your presentation.... You really have the "Right Stuff." I will promote you with pleasure."

Jim McPartlin
Executive Director
Neshaminy Kid's Club

"Thank You! Your training was Awesome! Being that I have a large staff over fifty individuals, it was truly amazing how you kept their attention and how interested they were in your discipline techniques. I got so many positive comments from the staff saying that this was the best training we ever had. Lastly, I just wanted to let you know that many of them implemented your discipline techniques and are having great great success with them. I hope to use you again in the future."

Joyce Fircha
Supervisor of Recreation
Township of Edison

"It was a great presentation that was so well put together. Your years of experience have certainly taught you something and we were thrilled that you shared your skills with everyone. Each of the staff members that we talked to last night and today really got something out of it and thought it was a great presentation."

Andrew Yankowitz
Tall Pines Day Camp

"Hi Geoff, I just wanted to thank you for the 2 workshops you did yesterday. You did a wonderful job and I learned some stuff in terms of my own children... Thanks again and I hope we can work together in the future."

Christine Florio
Program Development Specialist
Sussex County Dept. of Human Services

"Hi Geoff, I had a chance to speak with some of the staff today about their thoughts on Tuesday's training, and wanted to pass along to you how much they truly got out of your workshop. The one site I visited this morning already had their children's names on old playing cards! Many of them have also begun to think about ways token economies could work at their sites. I really believe that this was a great opportunity to energize our staff into making their programs even more successful. I look forward to hearing the feedback from the remaining staff."

Danielle Wiest
Assistant Director of School Age Child Care
Burlington County YMCA

"As a Site Coordinator, it is often difficult to find trainers that can keep staff members that have 'seen and heard it all' interested. Not only did they get interested, get involved and get energized, they got EXCITED about these new techniques. Even better, they used them effectively in the days, weeks and months that followed your presentation. The result of your presentation? A more controlled and positive daily experience for the staff and the students. Thank you for directly impacting the success of our program!"

Jenn Michel
Site coordinator
Atlanticare NJ After 3

"Hi Geoff, Roseann and I were very pleased with your presentation. You reinforced everything we were telling our staff, plus some. It was great to have our staff hear our messages, thoughts and ideas from someone else, it creates more validity. Your personal stories were a great touch to hit home with the younger staff. Our staff walked away energized from your presentation. Thank you."

Stephanie Caponi
Family Services Director
Hopewell Valley YMCA

"Geoff, I wanted to thank you again for coming to our site. My staff really enjoyed your presentation. Thank you again."

Lauren Resnick
Site Coordinator
Lakewood NJ After 3