A Positive Approach to Discipline

A Positive Approach to Discipline
          Theory-based, experience-tested, effective methods of positive discipline
what to expect
about me

As a teacher, I've sat through my fair share of workshops that could have ended an hour earlier. In my workshops, we won't waste time or dwell on the unnecessary.

I will provide an entertaining and educational presentation that will help validate what your staff has been doing well - and help them recognize how small changes in approach can have a large positive impact on the behavior of all the children in your program.

What to Expect
  • A dynamic speaker - with diverse and extensive experience with children ages 3-18 who currently teaches for a NJ After 3 program and a public middle school in Atlantic County
  • A workshop that encourages participation and gives your staff ideas and strategies that can be immediately implemented in your program, their classrooms, and their homes
  • Time well spent - identifying why children behave the way they do and creating rules that children will want to follow
  • A marked decrease in the number of discipline problems in your program
What NOT to Expect
  • A speaker who blandly reads a PowerPoint presentation word-for-word (and nothing else) off the big screen
  • A collection of handouts that have been copied and re-copied for years
  • To stare at the clock, wondering when the workshop will ever end